Yavor Michev




I was born and live in Ruse. I have been involved in photography since I was a student. It was a hobby at first, but step by step it became an integral part of my daily life. In 2007, I was able to fly and shoot with a trike. I liked that I could show from a high point of view nature, people, buildings. Aerial photography gives me new horizons and new opportunities for my author projects. Since then, I have concentrated all my creative energy and technical knowledge in this area. I have shot with gliders, paragliders, paratroopers and small planes.


Since 2014, I have been using mostly unmanned aerial platforms – drones. For me, aerial photography is a dream come true. It is as if I see and reflect the world through the bird’s gaze. It comes to life in new compositions and stories, and even the most common and familiar places change unexpectedly, I would say as if in a fairy tale.