Walter Astrada

Photojournalistic photography

Methodology of the photo reportage

This one-day Workshop provides an overview of the different approaches to drawing up a plan for the reportage and will allow participants to engage in discussion about the most appropriate ways to create a story. Through my personal projects, I will share tips and techniques for improving the reportage, editing and disseminating the project.

This Workshop is designed for anyone interested in visual storytelling, no experience needed.

Together we will analyse reports from other photographers and study different approaches.


   1.   Methods of work


The choice of history, documentation, contact network and logistics required to complete the proposed project will be analysed.

Production and planning

You will have access to the information sheets of the Violence Against Women project in Guatemala, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India and Norway. This will allow us to go further into the reporting.

   2. Choosing a theme

From minimal stories to global projects.

3. Issuing a project

The release of the project is under the motto “less is more”

I’ll show you a method of picking the best photos that helps us tell the story and leave as many photos as possible to maintain coherence.

4. Financing

We’ll look at several ways to fund documentary projects.

Appointments or commissions. Scholarships. Group financing. Photo sales.

5. Analysis of some personal and foreign projects

Several projects will be analysed, including UNDESIRED together with Media Storm and the Alexia Foundation The UNDER PRESSURE project implemented for EMSP (European Multiple Sclerosis Platform) and LA HORA DEL RECREO for the Pro Niño Foundation. (image rights)