Vladimir Karamazov


Having accomplished a great deal in my profession as an actor, I’m ready to put acting second and give oneself up to photography. I like the unpaved roads, the new challenges and the new beginning too. I want to live my life by touching everything that my heart dictates. It is sometimes a little scary because you have to start from the beginning. But only so, you will go far. I want to go far and believe in my heart. So the time has come when instead of being in front of the camera, I will be the one taking the shot. Photography is a big dream of mine and I’m on the path to achieving it. I’m curious where it will take me. I am curious what I will see and what I will learn. All the noticing of my photos from world forums, contests and profiles give me the courage to move on. The thing that gives me the most about photography is that it meets me with new people. Most of all, I like to shoot them – interesting strangers.
Otherwise, I will always remain an actor who wants to touch all areas of the arts.