Stefan Vasilev


Hello! I am Stefan Vassilev, a photographer and graphic designer from Sofia, Bulgaria.


Twenty years ago, my career began in the field of graphic and branding design, but over the years my interest and passion for photography prevailed. First as a spectator, then as an amateur and now it is the main part of my professional pursuits. I still love design and haven`t forgotten or left it, but somehow lately I often introduce myself as a photographer. I do boudoir and portrait photography, but I like to shoot a lot of different things – lifestyle, interiors, product photography, advertising, etc. In fact, everything that inspired me and challenged me to try something interesting and create something influential.


I will have the pleasure to talk with you about my favorite topic – boudoir. Sensual, art nude, nude photography. There are many labels, but the essence is really one – sharing with the world the beauty of the female body and its beautiful and inspiring forms. We will talk about concepts, setup – photography and mental, preparations, styling, technical aspects, working with models, professional and not (most often), retouching, advertising, web design and whatever else we decide would be an interesting topic for discussion!


I can not wait to see you! See you soon!