Kemran Shiraliev

June 7-8


    Master class in artistic & fine art wedding photography. Minimum theory, maximum practice! 

    I will teach you to see, create and paint with light. I will tell you how to be creative and inspired. Real photography without PS. Honestly and without secrets. This is a master class, not a workshop, we will not look for perfect places, perfect models. We will simulate a typical wedding day to get the most out of these conditions. Everything I know and can do about staging, posing – everything will be presented in theory and immediately confirmed in practice. When it comes to light, it is very important to understand how light sources work, to understand the nature of light and to be able to see light. This is more important than memorizing certain algorithms, camera and flash settings. I will try to show all this as simply as possible. And in fact, if you understand light, you can work with the most affordable equipment. With the help of simple tools at hand, we will learn how to create very creative photographs. I’m preparing a bunch of processing videos explaining all the tools I work with.


    1.1. For MK and a little for me as a photographer

    1.2. About wedding photography

    1.3. About the technique

    1. Engines of the photographer’s development

    2.1 About inspiration and observation

    2.2. About the basic tool of a creative person

    2.3. Analysis


    III. Photo contests

    3.1. About competitions

    3.2. Complete algorithm of victories. Life hacks and tricks

    1. Turn on the light

    4.1. Analysis of the main types of light sources

    4.2. Basic rules for using light sources

    4.3. Schemes and creative solutions


    1. Working with a couple

    5.1. Posing. Basic mistakes. Life hacks

    5.2. Creating a special atmosphere, mood, mystique.

    5.3. About the staging

    You. Magic and show

    Vll. Subsequent processing

    7.1. About Jpeg

    7.2. About black and white

    7.3. PS

    7.4. Create a series

    PRICE 300€