Elena Mikhaylova

Children`s photography

    I am a child and family photographer. I am a mother of four children, thanks to whom I fell into the field of photography.

    Until the birth of my three daughters, I worked in the movie business, and even had a good career. But after my motherhood, I had a new hobby that brought me joy and pleasure – photography. I am so deeply immersed in this extraordinary creative process that my passion has grown into a professional activity and I am delighted to be pursuing my favorite hobby, which inspires and excites me! Today I can’t imagine myself without a camera. I am constantly learning and developing because I organize workshops for photographers around the world. The extensive experience gained over the years allows me to conduct individual and group workshops for beginners and master classes for professional photographers. I am pleased to share with my students the experiences and rich knowledge gained over the years. I reveal all the secrets and intricacies of my workflow.